Minecraft & Chill

A chill, laid-back, survival [SMP / PVE] minecraft server. No Griefing, No Grief.

PaleCraft is, and always will be free. Anyone can come on and build, but if you apply and become a member you can build on our 'legacy' worlds dating back to 2010!

Don't be a jerk.
No Griefing
No X-Ray
Don't Cause Excessive Lag.


We have an online Google Maps style map where you can can see a birds-eye view of your build!

Online Map


Join our discord to chat, plan, and apply to build in the Legacy worlds!

Join Discord

Cool Plugins

  • LumberJack
  • ChestShop
  • ChestSort
  • InvUnload
  • Dynamic Map
  • Multiverse


  • [Executive Board]
    Admins. CEO etc. Owners of the server. Can do all.
  • [VP]
    Moderator Ranks. Can kick, ban, investigate griefing, etc.
  • [Team Leader]
    Helper Rank. Helps VPs moderate server.
  • [Associate]
    Player Rank. Apply to build anywhere!
  • [Guest]
    Default rank. Can build in Wilds.

Basic Commands

Available to Everyone
  • /spawn
  • /home
  • /sethome
  • /tpa
  • /warp
  • /afk

Member Commands

Join via discord to get access to these commands! Available to [Player] rank and up:
  • /dynmap hide(Hide youself on the Map)
  • /dynmap show
  • /price
  • /bal
  • /chestsort
  • /lumberjack
  • /invunload
  • /invdump